Cancellations Cancellations

Cancellation & Refund Policy

Mike's Lot allows customers to cancel their parking for a full refund up until the start time of the booking. This policy includes every pass sold on Customers can submit a cancellation request to, or they can contact a Mike's Lot team member to cancel on their behalf as long as the start time on the Mike's lot Pass has not elapsed.

Mike's Lot Refunds
The Mike's Lot team will issue refunds after the start time on the pass in exceptional cases. The following reasons account for the only circumstances in which a Mike's Lot Rep may issue a refund. If the customer’s complaint aligns with one of the below reasons, the Mike's Lot Rep will consider a refund.

Guarantee Not Upheld Refunds

Oversold - The customer arrived at a location that did not have any spaces left to accommodate the vehicle.

Paid Again - The customer parked within the time frame but paid again. *Mike's Lot will always request proof (receipt or bank statement) of the additional payment but proof is not required.

No Attendant - There was no attendant onsite at a location that requires an attendant for validation.

Attendant Refused Pass - The onsite attendant did not honor the pass and the driver did not park.

Undisclosed Fees - The customer paid a fee (typically oversize) that was not disclosed pre-purchase. *Mike's Lot will only issue a refund for the amount of the fee

Critical Amenity - Not Provided The location was unable to offer an advertised amenity (such as shuttle service, an unobstructed space)

Location Closed - The customer arrived to a closed location

Accessibility -  The entrance to the location was inaccessible due to road closures

Premium - The location is charging a less expensive drive-up rate than the Mike's Lot website rate. *Mike's Lot will only issue a refund for the difference in price **Mike's Lot will always request proof of the price difference but proof is not required ***Mike's Lot will not issue a refund if the location has enabled a Price Advisory.

Customer Error

Accidental Bookings - The customer mistakenly booked duplicated spaces, booked for the wrong time-frame or booked for the wrong vehicle type. *Mike's Lot will only issue a refund after the customer has successfully re-booked at the same location.
Wrong Location - The customer accidentally parked and paid again at the wrong location but the facility is owned by the same parking operator *Mike's Lot will only issue  a refund if the customer has proof(receipt or bank statement) of the additional payment.
Multi-Day - The customer departed the location earlier than initially planned *Mike's Lot will only issue a refund for unused days of parking starting at midnight on the day of the request.